Bible Class Registration - Fall Quarter 2017

* Denotes a new class this quarter.

Sunday Class Descriptions

James* (103/104) - James – Often called the "Proverbs" of the New Testament; the book of James is filled with wisdom concerning the basics of Christianity.

After First Principles: Topical Studies for the Maturing Christian* (203) - Spiritual growth is a lifetime process for every Christian. No one can outgrow the need to study God's word. Designed to guide maturing Christians as they submit their lives more completely to the will of God, this class will help lead a Christian to a more fulfilled walk with the Father.

Journey Through the Bible Part 3 (AUD) - Journey through the Bible is a chronological study of major Bible places, people and lessons. Part 3 will cover the Restoration of Israel (539 BC) through the Life of Christ.

Los Fundamentos de la Vida Christiana (105) - “Los Fundamentos de la Vida Cristiana” son tan importantes para nuestra fe como una buena fundación es tan importante para una buena casa. “Los Fundamentos de la Vida Cristiana” cubrirá 26 lecciones que van a tratar con las bases de la fe y las enseñanzas de la Iglesia del Primer Siglo. Cada Cristiano debería conocer y entender todas estas cosas, pero tristemente algunas veces son ignoradas.

Wednesday Class Descriptions

Galatians* (103) - Galatians is written to a group of newly-planted congregations who were already turning away from the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Come see what God said to these congregations, and learn how His words are still relevant today.

First Century Truth for a Twenty-first Century World* (104) - The same Truth God communicated to man in the 1st Century is still pertinent in the 21st Century. This class will examine the process by which God made His will known in the 1st Century. Additionally, this class will explore the dangers inherent in disobeying, adding to, or taking away from God's Word.

Spiritual Disciplines* (AUD) - How does a person "pursue" holiness (Heb. 12:14)? What is the process involved in, "Exercising yourself unto godliness" (1 Tim. 4:7)? How does Christian growth and maturity happen (2 Pet. 3:18)? This class will give practical help and answers to these questions.

Las Siete Iglesias del Apocalipsis* (105) - En los capítulos 2 y 3, encontramos siete cartas de Jesús a congregaciones que estaban en Asia Menor. ¿Qué valor tuvieron para los cristianos del siglo primero, y qué valor tienen para los de hoy día? En esta clase, deseamos responder a éstas y a otras preguntas, al analizar las siete cartas en detalle.

WEI: Teaching English through the Bible (104) - Please check this class if you will be teaching with the World English Institute program