Bible Class Registration - Winter Quarter 2017

* Denotes a new class this quarter.

Sunday Class Descriptions

The Minor Prophets (103) - Despite the brevity of each of the twelve books, there is nothing minor about the lessons taught in them. This class will survey one book each week and the major lesson of that book will be emphasized for application to our lives today.

Sin 101 (104) - Sin is serious business! Sin will cause a person to be separated from God and the ultimate fruit of sin is the loss of one’s soul. Sin 101 is a study of the Bible doctrine of sin while making practical application for students.

Journey Through the Bible - Part 4 (AUD) - Journey through the Bible is a chronological study of major Bible places, people and lessons from Genesis to Revelation. Part 4 of this series will deal with the establishment and growth of the New Testament church.

Los Fundamentos de la Vida Christiana (105) - Los Fundamentos de la Vida Cristiana” son tan importantes para nuestra fe como una buena fundación es tan importante para una buena casa. “Los Fundamentos de la Vida Cristiana” cubrirá 26 lecciones que van a tratar con las bases de la fe y las enseñanzas de la Iglesia del Primer Siglo. Cada Cristiano debería conocer y entender todas estas cosas, pero tristemente algunas veces son ignoradas.

Wednesday Class Descriptions

The Agony and the Glory (Old Library) - An in-depth look at the most dramatic event in the history of mankind, the death of the Son of God on a cross, as a sacrifice for our sins. How are we to understand the magnitude of what happened and what should be our response to such an unimaginable gift of sacrificial love?

What a Fellowship! (103-104) - Christians are family; related by the blood of Jesus. Because this is true, we need to relate to each other in godly ways. Our discussions will give us opportunity to recognize how we ought to interact with each other to the glory of God.

Acts, Part 1 (AUD) - What did the apostles do after Jesus ascended back to heaven? When was the church established? How did the early church grow? How did the early Christians live their lives? Did the early church face any opposition or persecution? These questions and more will be answered in this in-depth 2-quarter study of the book of Acts.

Los Pactos de Dios (105) - No se puede entender la Biblia, a menos que se entienda el concepto de pactos, pues el mensaje de la Biblia se teje en torno a varios pactos significativos. Las bendiciones mismas que recibimos en Cristo constituyen la realización de un antiguo pacto y del último pacto que Jesús hizo con nosotros. En esta clase estudiaremos los pactos que Dios hizo con Su pueblo.

WEI (201) -